Transacting your business in big cities like Los Angeles and New York has its perks. You get a steady stream of customers walking in your office’s doors. The bustle of the city is a revolving door of opportunities for your big business growth.

However, as with any business, its volatile nature does not escape anyone. Big businesses are closing their doors and embracing digital technology to sustain their company. It is not a new brand strategy nowadays to cope with the ever-changing demand of the market. Take a look at the image below of how business from different industries has benefited from increasing their online presence:

If you are a part of the industry listed above, you need to transcend your business online. Not only will it help your business maintain your loyal clients, but you will also get growth results that are not attainable before.

There are marketing solutions that you’ve tried before, and you know what will work. If you are to go online, you will also need to employ the best practices on full service digital marketing to help your business in its online presence and, later on, organic traffic growth results.

What Does Digital Marketing and Sales Outsourcing Company Do?

That’s when you should consider hiring the services of a DIGITAL MARKETING AND SALES OUTSOURCING CO.. They usually consist of a big team of marketing experts with different fields of specialization. Not all businesses are alike; even in marketing results, what may work for other businesses may not work for you.

Consider these top three best digital marketing strategies: SEO, SMM, and SEM. Now, your business will, at some point, need all these three internet marketing if you want to work on maximizing your growth results based on your resources. 


Read on as we dissect each core digital marketing solution for businesses.

Create A Website Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating a website for your company lets your client connect with you and strengthen their patronage. Hence, focus on what brings value to their web visit.

The best digital marketing strategy online that is foolproof is to create blog entries that are informative and help your client find solutions to their problems. For example, if you are engaged in the real estate industry, you may create content based on your client’s needs, such as tax issues, procedures overview, or even a practical home maintenance guide.

Aside from focusing on client’s needs, a DIGITAL MARKETING AND SALES OUTSOURCING CO. will also make sure that this content will rank on search engines. This way, your website will appear online when someone searches for a related product or service.

There is creating content, and there is content marketing. Hiring agencies to handle your marketing will increase your conversion rate results. They work on devising strategies based on what you have and with what the market wants.

As for your website design, you may get creative big time so long as it still reflects your company’s image. Remember to focus on your customers’ needs based on the level of engagement you’ve gained. Do not populate your website with unnecessary information and annoying in-your-face advertisements.

Why SEO? Take a look at these marketing statistics:


of traffic to marketing blogs comes from desktops


of companies produce blog content compared to other formats


of companies say updating old content has proven the most efficient tactic implemented

Boost Your Following With Social Media Marketing (SMM)

To make sure that your web content generates views, you need to create a buzz. It will also help drive organic traffic to your website. Digital marketing agencies tap the rich resource of social media platforms to reach out to your client.

Aside from searching on search engines, the vast majority of people are also using social media to gather information. Social media is not just a tool for communication but also diverse other reasons.

Social media marketing involves curating posts and content that is relevant to your brand that engages your audience. Think of it as the traditional email marketing, but in social media set up.

Digital marketing services often consider data driven marketing. It means that every digital campaign has undergone careful analysis that will guarantee positive results.

Social media is an effective platform in building up your brand awareness as most people are online. However, marketing in social media can be tricky. Read on how SEM can help you widen your audience reach and target appropriate demographics.

Why SMM? Take a look at these marketing statistics:


Over 1.6 billion people around the world are connected to a small business on Facebook


There are 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users


LinkedIn is the second-most popular social media platform used by B2B marketers, ranking only behind Facebook

Promote Your Services Through Paid Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Are you experiencing a sudden plunge in your content marketing through various platforms, such as your website? Your creative team is of help, but their work does not bring outstanding results in attracting clients. Your website and its design are flawless, but it’s not making an impact in the digital space.

If you are in an industry that provides services, your competitors may have a larger market share. Such is a case in big cities like Los Angeles, wherein realtors compete for clients for the same real estate listings.

The best digital marketing agencies provide marketing solutions that help target your results. However, pure social media marketing or email marketing may not get you to traction like search engine marketing (SME).

Full service digital marketing agencies offer this marketing solution to big companies that handle different brands such as e-commerce. Not only will your website be featured on your demographics’ online activities, but your brand will also benefit from new growth development.

SEM is done through marketing automation, pay per click (PPC), keywords, backlinks, and other page-ranking services. There are also tools and analytics involved based on your budget. It is a data driven and results oriented marketing approach. It pairs well with content marketing, as marketing content will help you solidify your reputation with well-researched blog posts. 

Why SMM? Take a look at these marketing statistics:


of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product


of internet searches happen on a Google property


of shoppers surveyed confirm inventory online before going to a store

What Other Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

A digital marketing agency will help you explore other solutions when you stumbled upon roadblocks in your digital presence. They are insightful professionals who take advantage of technology, information, and communication to achieve a successful digital advertising campaign.

Here are the other internet marketing services that most marketing experts will assign:

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Video and Animation Editing
  • Web Development
  • General Admin Task
  • Writing 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • E-commerce
  • Sales and Lead Generation
  • Inbound/outbound calls
  • Customer service Support
  • Live Chat 24/7

What is the Best Digital Marketing Company?

UpSource is a full service digital marketing agency that aims to help businesses increase their sales conversion rate. We offer services for all your digital marketing needs, from web development and video production to devising marketing solutions.

Hiring a virtual assistant should not be a headache! Hence, all our VAs share the same UpSource principle of delivering quality digital marketing services to the best of our abilities.

If you’re overwhelmed with what services to choose, we can help a client find the best match for his/her business needs. Tell us what you need and request a FREE consultation here!


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