Hire Dedicated VAs Now at $10.99 USD/Hour


Hire Dedicated VAs Now at $10.99 USD/Hour

A dedicated assistant to cater to your business needs is an effective way to boost your business productivity. However, due to the current pandemic, most business operations are forced to operate online. Thus, virtual assistance is becoming a norm in small businesses. 

The Best Virtual Assistant

A good virtual assistant gets the work done but the best virtual assistant shares the company’s vision and goal. They go the extra mile in doing their job and adhering to the instructions of their clients.

Each business had different VA needs from full time to part time. It may even encompass personal tasks duties and even big roles such as project management or account manager. Some would hire a one-time graphic design and web design service or content writing entry. Virtual assistant services do not have a fixed structure as market demands are volatile in nature.

Small business owners that are having a hard time multitasking will certainly benefit from hiring a dedicated virtual assistant. Fortunately, some point of contact and service providers company offers money-back guarantee after a trial period to give a leeway decision time whether it’s a suitable solution.

Free Up Your Time By Delegating These Tasks To Your VA

There is a wide range of time consuming tasks that might be taking up your time. From simple email check to technical detail on how to accomplish a certain task. Fortunately, entrepreneurs and businesses can now benefit from virtual assistants. Here are some of the virtual assistant services:

Phone Operation

The phone operation now includes answering video calls. This is time-consuming especially if you tend to different people.


Booking Travel

Networking and traveling go hand in hand. Focus on your presentation and win that client. Let others do the things in the background.

Email Management

Businesses receive thousands of emails every day and it would take a long time to go through ALL of them.

Create Reports

This task includes writing and editing reports. This needs mental fortitude and critical thinking.

Calendar Management

Calendar management lets you be on top of everything and ensure you penciled in important dates. It includes reminders and appointment setting.



Research brings relevance and mileage by being in the knowledge of current trends.

Event Coordination

Networking is the key to a flourishing business. There are a lot of leads to follow up on.

Personal errands

Having a VA will help you achieve a work-life balance. They can do online shopping for your family or arrange dates for any special occasion.

What Exactly Does A Dedicated Virtual Assistant Do?

As pointed above, virtual assistants wear different hats while a dedicated virtual assistant wears a specific one. For example, a project manager for small business owners may act as an account manager for a certain project. Their role may also extend to administrative tasks. Project management can also entail email management to bolster the company’s market share.

Content writer VAs are the fancy hands behind the company’s write-up needs. Content writing may include wide range of writing services such as product descriptions, web copy, blog entries, newsletter, and social media caption writing. 

Graphic designers are masters of visual arts such as logos, posters, infographics, and even moving pictures. Web designers, on the other hand, incorporate both the content writer and graphic designer outputs into one website with user-friendly navigation and an intuitive interface.

Social media managers are experts in digital marketing in social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Social media management services also give the client an in-depth understanding of how well their digital marketing strategies fare.

One of the most common dedicated VAs is on the customer service side. They provide customer support and handle after-sales queries. However, other dedicated virtual assistant roles are suited to a small business such as real estate agencies as they may need a personal assistant that can work a fixed time of hours per month. They can handle administrative tasks or personal assistant services such as personal tasks of booking appointments and reservations.

Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

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