What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a remote worker that will aid you and your business. Treat them like your employee only working from home. They can be from anywhere in the world but usually work on their client’s time.

Why should I contract your services?

We provide QUALITY VAs that are trained and mentored by EXPERIENCED seniors in their industry. You need not have to worry about training them nor keeping up with your business’s demands.

What business package should I get?

Check out our pricing plan HERE. Still undecided? We offer a FREE consultation HERE.

When will my VA start working?

It usually takes 3 to 10 days for us to provide the VAs for your final interview. Once you decide to start with the VA  of your choice – the VA can start within ONE business day.

What if I decided midway not to continue your services? Is cancellation allowed?

Yes. But NO refund will be provided when the client decides to cancel midway. Based on our experience, it usually takes 1-3 months for a new VA to fully transition into our client’s system. With this – we suggest our clients allow transition time.

What’s next after signing up?

You will received an onboarding email from your assigned account manager

Is my VA permanent or I have the liberty to choose from your roster?

After your discovery call with our account specialist. We will then arrange an interview session – where you can personally assess the candidates we handpicked based on your needs.

Can I extend my contract?

Yes, we have FLEXIBLE options!

UpSource VA

Where is my VA situated?

They are residents of the Philippines and they are available to work in the SCHEDULE you set.

Can my VA work on holidays?

Yes, they can. If you wish to avail of their service BEYOND working hours, please inform the VA ahead of time.

How can I monitor my VA?

We provide tracking software that lets you CHECK what your VA is currently doing.


What are the tasks that can my VA do?

There are multitudes of tasks that your VA can fulfill administrative to creative tasks. However, this is subject to the conformity of the assessment of the Account Manager. Check out what are the other services that we offer HERE.

Can my VA handle personal requests such as booking reservations?

Yes, of course! We care about your work-life balance and our VAs are capable of providing you with the best deals in the market.

Can I organize a video-conferencing call with my VA?

Yes, and we highly recommend it. You may conduct it at your convenience. This will encourage open communication between you and your VA in keeping tabs on work’s progress.


Is it possible to change my package midway through the contract?


Aside from the prices displayed on your web, are there other fees that I should pay?

No. All our prices are fixed and we do not have any HIDDEN charges billed to our customers. If you have encountered such an incident, please report it to us IMMEDIATELY at

What payment provider are you using? Is it secured?

We are using Paypal and we also accept all MAJOR credit cards. We assure you that these are all secured and we strongly uphold a STRICT data privacy policy.

Do you accept another form of money transfer?

If by any chance the PRIMARY modeS of payment are not available for you, we can set up different avenues of payment. Please let us know at

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Talk to us.

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Local Number: (587)-295- 0033