Why Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant Can Improve your Business Operation

Most business owners are still managing their companies, from supply procurement to the approval of development’s team project. Others would hire a virtual executive assistant to stay on top of everything. 

Getting your routine administrative tasks like phone calls, customer service, travel arrangements, data entry, or just done may take a lot of time. Not to mention that you also need to satisfy your clients and bring in a new customer.

Virtual assistants with years of experience encompass a broad spectrum of business support from administrative tasks such as being an executive assistant, to specialized technical assistance such as increasing social media influence and handling sales phone calls. It makes use of computers and technology in delivering outputs.

Fast forward to the pandemic and the internet age, remote work has now become the top option in conducting business. Tagged as a hybrid workforce, it is forecasted as the future of work. As to why this is so, check out the advantages of hiring virtual support.

Increased Productivity

A recent online survey on leaders’ assessment on remote work productivity shows that 39 percent responded “equally productive” while 34 percent is “somewhat more productive”. Traditional businessmen are accustomed to physically supervising the work of their employees. That is not the case anymore as there are available avenues to continue working at home.

Office drama is trimmed off with minimal social contact. Most of the employees’ attention and energy is focused on making the project done. Office politics through personal favors and requests are almost non-existential. Thus, meritocracy is upheld and it is a morale booster.

Reduced Cost

The same survey reports that due to reduced office footprint and business travel, remote working delivers cost savings measures. Retaining office space would also mean unprecedented maintenance expenses. Moreover, the old way of sealing deals through client meetings can cost a fortune to small businesses.

Aside from that, other expenses such as miscellaneous and incidental expenditures are relocated to other financial aspects. These expenses may be in the form of office supplies and courtesy foods. As most processes are moved online, hard copies data entry and social meetings are done through productivity and video conferencing software applications, respectively.


The scale of time is another advantage as time zones are on a global scale. Virtual support can adjust to any time you set for them to work. Gone are the days of full time 9-5 office hours and the long commute.

Make use of new technology that makes remote work possible.

Portable devices such as smartphones and laptops let you track your work progress with your virtual assistants anytime, anywhere. You can even be notified through your smartwatch with reminders straight from your virtual support. You need not be in an office or home study to follow through on a task. Flexibility in space and time, indeed!


Career growth is not as linear as before. People can take on different clients and roles when accepting contracts in contrast to companies’ role designation. Virtual assistants have years of experience and are exposed to the dynamic of these changes and have learned to adapt to anticipate your specific needs. They can bring invaluable expertise in accomplishing your task.

Experience trumps education. Through experience, assistants know how to troubleshoot problems that may arise in a business. They have done various tasks to know what will work and, thus, provide appropriate solutions that will make their job done in the best possible way.

What are the Assistant Jobs that an Administrative VA Do?

The basic core of the assistant job is to provide support to the company, from its operation to employees’ needs. There’s, of course, the usual tasks like data entry and travel arrangement task office assistant does. Another workload involves routine administrative tasks such as listed below:

Administrative Tasks

  • Organize team’s calendar
  • Take minutes of the meeting
  • Answering phone calls
  • Handle email messages
  • Conduct travel arrangements
  • Set appointments
  • Book meetings
  • Organize events
  • Data entry
  • Order office supplies
  • Handle bookkeeping

In virtual office mode, virtual office assistant has to adapt to the company’s changing need. Thus, their tasks are not only confined to the companies’ executive offices but also towards its online platforms.

Tasks like checking whether their online content is free from plagiarism or appropriately referenced may be part of their job.

Digital Marketing Tasks

  • Handle company’s social media sites
  • Update contents of company’s website
  • Furnish SMM analysis report
  • Track digital marketing team’s project
  • Handle website’s inquiry
  • Promote company in other online channels
  • Provide basic customer service

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How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Charge per Hour?

Depending on your VA’s location, they charge not far off from the prescribed rate of their region. Or, in some instances, employers based the rate on their end.

This may also depend on the time-table you agreed upon, full time or part time. Full time arrangement is beneficial if you want them to work with your other employees. This means all the company tasks are synchronized within a fixed schedule.

One thing about having a part time employee is that you can save on wages and compensation especially if you are a start-up company. This is a great way to experiment and determine what brings more value to your company.

How to Hire an Administrative VA?

Hiring virtual assistants to accomplish your administrative tasks may not be your forte. But, having an office assistant phone is a necessity to keep your business running smoothly.

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