Top 5 Cold Calling Tips

Increase your chance of success in a cold call.

You may read on the news how online business is booming nowadays. But on the surface level, it is a rigorous process of inbound marketing through cold calling that makes their product or service keep on selling.

Want to know more about cold calling tips, then read on.

Forego Written Channels

About 51% of company owners say they would rather hear from sales reps via phone compared to email, faxes, drop-in visits, and other media, according to phone call statistics (RAIN Group). Maximize your likelihood of closing the deal when you use your phone as a sales call tool in trying to get potential customers.

It Takes Time and Work for Cold Call Good News

Representatives must make an average of 18 calls to reach one potential buyer. It’s easy to get disheartened when you are having a bad time not seeing successful cold sales calls. Make sure to have patience, and keep on targeting many sales pitch even if it’s just short of 30 seconds.


The Time Your Potential Customers Pick up the Phone Matters

The cold calls success rate is 46% higher on Wednesdays than on Mondays (CallHippo). There is a decision maker at play when you sell your product or services. The best cold call to make is on midweek, Wednesday. You need to make sure that your sales teams prioritize this day.

Call Someone When Your Sales Pitch is Social Media-Research Ready

78.1% of sales reps report using social media channels for research as part of their selling process. It may sound like stalky, but having a customized value proposition can land you successful cold calls. You need to look up what your customers may have interested in your company. The next step is to devise your sales strategy around it.

Go Global and Outsource Professional Cold Calls Sales Team

Every year, companies spend about $2,000 per sales rep to train the sales staff (Brevet Group). Ask yourself if you can allot time and budget in nurturing new team members. Or, you may outsource highly-qualified sales rep professionals with a tailor-made sale strategy and cold calling scripts. Have a FREE consultation [HERE: link]