Top 4 Reasons Consumers Unfollow Brand on Social Media, According to Study

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The market is volatile, may it be in a physical or online setting. There are many complex factors that may affect the viability of the business. 

One of the proactive steps undertaken by most entrepreneurs is to harness the modern platform of social media. However, success is not always definite, as in some circumstances. There will “unfollow” that may occur.

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Poor Quality of Product or Support

Topping the list is not a surprise as one of the core values of any business is to provide quality to their consumers. Without this condition, many would likely stop their patronage of such brands. 

Sustain brand loyalty by always delivering excellent products or services. Innovate and be in the know with the current trends to stay ahead of your competitors. Cost-cutting is the usual culprit behind this if you must implement such action, take careful consideration, and envision future challenges that you might encounter later.

Poor Customer Service

Customer service experience goes beyond after selling, or even during. You need to get to know your target market more to identify their demands and qualms. This is one of the overlooked aspects, especially for understaffed facilities.

However, do not brush any negative experience under the rug as it can compound once it is aired in the public. Word of the mouth still remains substantial towards consumers’ deciding factor. A negative review can make a long-lasting impression on would-be customers.

Irrelevant Content

Some consumers may just acquire your product or service for a particular time frame. For instance, a tax accountant may hire additional virtual assistants only during tax season or home renovation equipment for those who are currently working on these types of projects.

Remember about going through the customer service experience? Content marketing can help you hook your consumer towards your brands. You can incorporate your marketing efforts towards timely events or anchor your content to other similar interests of your demographics.

Too Many Ads

Nothing is more annoying than losing your focus on accomplishing your task because of trivial pop-up ads that automatically notify you. Unfollowing your brand to avoid this situation is the most sound decision to make.

To counter this, you need to adopt a data-driven approach. Analyze your consumer shopping behavior to anticipate a positive response. Learn what time may be appropriate for your advertisement activities, or better yet, use software applications and tools that are capable of giving out clean data to further your strategies

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