More than a decade of OUTSOURCING: A small business’ blessing

I have recently overheard friends playing a guessing game. The other friend has his hat in his hand, and the other one has his shirt. Do you think they’re trying to guess which brand the items were from? If you think that’s it, you’ll be fascinated to know that they were surprisingly trying to guess in which country their items were manufactured from. That encounter dawned pretty much the apparent truth that everything you buy at a store is manufactured somewhere else. It was enough of a reminder of a certain video I have watched.


A few years back, I came across a Nate Woodbury YouTube video. He is a Youtube Producer from the United States and has been hiring people in the Philippines for a decade now. Currently employs 16 people full time there. He has videos stating why he opted to do outsourcing. He has done outsourcing from different countries such as India. He repeatedly emphasized his reason for doing so, which is to hire somebody for a fraction of a cost and get quality work at the same time. He also hinted that small businesses all over the United States are benefiting from outsourcing. The experience made him realize that outsourcing is a great blessing for him and his team in the Philippines. His choice to outsource became instrumental in changing lives for the better. He didn’t sign up for the emotional fulfillment he received from his grateful Filipino team members. He consistently described his team, excellent and affordable. Outsourcing became a game-changer for his business. Nate created a win-win situation for his business and the people he hired in the Philippines.


Since we have established that the most known reason small businesses and even giant companies in top countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia resort to outsourcing is to significantly reduce labor costs, including salaries for their personnel and overheard equipment and technology. It is indeed cost-efficient to do so because a lot of companies are resorting to outsourcing. But what does outsourcing do beyond its famous benefit?  


He emphasized numerous times that he has been able to leverage his time’s most valuable commodity in the world. He became productive while sleeping. There are people from his team getting important matters done by the time he wakes up. It allowed him to provide an excellent service to his clients because he can be thorough with every business transaction.


His small business thrived; outsourcing has allowed him to own one, which could have been impossible to establish if the chance to outsource is unavailable. His initial experiences in outsourcing didn’t turn out perfectly, and his takeaway lessons from those experiences meant disadvantages and risks in outsourcing.

  1. It allows you to focus on core tasks.


Outsourcing non-core activities can improve efficiency and productivity because another entity performs these smaller tasks better than the firm. By outsourcing, you free up personnel to focus on core business activities. To wear different hats may be impressive, but it doesn’t mean it’s efficient. Your in-house employee can benefit from this too. This is the best benefit outsourcing can offer a business, the increase in efficiency, which is the most important aspect of doing business

  1. You gain wider access to new resources.


Especially for those who opt for outsourcing service providers, they assume the costs of recruiting and training. In addition, outsourcers have access to skills and tools that you may not need today but will one day. If you don’t have a staff member who can solve your problem, they likely have a network of specialists with complementary skills to fall back on.


  1. It speeds up your business growth.


Managing growth can be challenging; more demands mean more work, and more work requires more staff. Being able to afford more workers means more your business delivers, and if it provides quality, it will do wonders for revenue. Outsourcing helps grow a business’ network globally.


  1. You Can Work Around the Clock

The differences you might encounter in terms of time zones and holidays offer an important benefit. Just like Nate, his team gets important matters done while he is sleeping. That’s similar to being able to work 24/7; that’s the beauty of leveraging time. 


  1. Your business becomes affordable


It affects affordability which also means it creates a higher quality of living. For instance, if manufactured in the United States, iPhone will retail for a higher price than it already is. We can afford to do many things because of outsourcing.


Moreover, despite having a highly talented workforce, Canada still benefits from hiring an equally skilled workforce at a fraction of the cost of their local employees. Nowadays, there has been an increase in Canadian companies that outsource both nearshore and offshore. And in the years to come, outsourcing will be an option that saves businesses from unprecedented phenomena such as COVID-19. Here is another example of a business on a bigger scale that uses outsourcing to its advantage.




Slack has been known to be one of the success stories in outsourcing. The leading business communication software is now headquartered in San Francisco in California. However, they were originally rooted in Vancouver. They delegate some of their services to firms in Canada while their design and development tasks are assigned in the Philippines. 


Outsourcing helped them establish their brand as a messaging software that feels different, looks different, and sounds different.


Deciding Key factors in Outsourcing


The number of benefits of outsourcing may outweigh the disadvantages. Outsourcing does have drawbacks. Nate had suffered a few. There are particular dynamics that you need to be aware of when you’re considering outsourcing. You will need trustworthy advice to gauge whether outsourcing is indeed for you. For a personalized assessment for your possible business needs to outsource, set an appointment with our digital marketer who has first-hand experience with outsourcing herself. 


The goal is for your business to receive the utmost benefit of outsourcing while being a great blessing by contributing to better the lives of people that depend on your choice.  


Lifelong assistance is not offering a fish but letting them fish themselves. You have to create a fishing spot that accommodates their location.